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Our CSR approach

We believe that every company has an important role to play in contributing to a more sustainable future. We firmly believe that the success of our company should not be at the expense of future generations. This is why we have put in place a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. We are committed to respecting human rights, freedom of association and decent work. In addition, we ensure that our business practices are ethical and responsible.

We are also aware of our impact on the environment and are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint. We use environmentally friendly technologies and encourage our customers to adopt sustainable practices. Our green web hosting is certified with the VertVolt label to ensure its low environmental impact.

We are committed to reducing our environmental and social impact with a consistent approach. Our focus is based on our sourcing, components and distribution of our packaging materials. We are committed to recycling and reusing our boxes. In addition, we maintain regular communication with our supply chain to constantly improve our responsible final disposal process.

We proudly communicate our CSR actions to our employees, partners, families and customers to raise awareness.

The construction of our CSR approach

We consider the integration of CSR in our strategic objectives as natural. This approach is based on our belief in the effectiveness of our daily actions and provides great personal satisfaction. However, we are aware that the road to a 100% responsible company is long and difficult.

With our responsible approach, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment for future generations. We are proud to unpretentiously communicate our CSR actions to our employees, partners, families and customers in order to raise awareness of their importance. We also hope that CSR will become an essential criterion in corporate tenders.

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Our actions


All our servers are based in France and have the VertVolt label, guaranteeing their low environmental impact. We are committed to a responsible approach to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a sustainable economy.

Label VertVolt, représentant notre responsabilité sociétale


We limit the number of attachments and the number of recipients we copy to optimize our emailing. This is part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. The transmission of electronic data can have an impact on natural resources, and we recognize this.